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A general practice law firm in Perth, Australia  including the following areas:
Family Law (divorce, custody, domestic violence); Immigration and employment visa matters. Business Contracts; Real Estate and Commercial Closings; Personal Injury; Workers Compensation; Appeals; Mediation of Family and Business Disputes.

The reason for this informative site is to provide a reference library in the areas of family law in Australia and immigration and international law.
The statutory and case law updates are intended to assist the non-lawyer, with a particular emphasis on immigrants from South Asia.

S.H.B.T  matches those in need of legal representation, advice, or document preparation with participating attorneys who will offer an initial consultation for a referral fee, and further services, including limited scope representation, on economic terms agreeable to lawyers and their clients, and providing funding to the  S.H.B.T in the form of forwarding fees.  

S.H.B.T will further provide a resource for information on the availability of legal and alternative resolution services, provide information about lawyers by specific areas of law.

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